Fun book blog highlights children’s books worth an Earth Day shout out

Watch book illustrations come to life with this ‘making of’ video for Red Nose Studio.

There’s no shortage of enviro-books for grown-ups, and now kids can start their eco-stewardship early with this healthy crop of stories, carefully selected and reviewed by former Rocky Mountain News book reviewer Jenny Miller. “Where The Best Books Are” doesn’t point to your typical, “let’s take a walk in the pretty woods,” inspired children’s stories. Books that made the shelf boil down complex environmental issues – sometimes inspired by true events — into a format kids can enjoy and absorb.

Take for instance the book, Here Comes the Garbage Barge, based on the 1987 effort of Long Island to offload more than 3,000 tons of garbage onto somebody else. There’s armed resistance, lawsuits and we can’t forget the unlucky, trash-toting sea captain who has to deal with the smell. Somehow the author brings all these elements into a children’s book, illustrated with cool claymation photos. You can even watch a video about how the Red Nose Studio artist made the images.

Who needs dragons when there are real life eco-adventure stories waiting out there?

So check out full reviews and more goodies on the “Where The Best Books Are” blog. Along with the review, Miller provides pricing, age ranges and some fun multimedia along the way. Who knows, you might find being a grown-up won’t stop you from wanting to read more than a few of these titles.

  1. Here Comes the Garbage Barge
  2. Bag in the Wind
  3. How the World Works
  4. The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge
  5. The Kids’ Solar Energy Book Even Grown-ups Can Understand
  6. 365 Penguins
  7. We Planted a Tree
  8. Girls Gone Green
  9. 31 Ways to Change the World
  10. The Solar Car Book (you actually get to build a little solar-powered toy car


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