Woe betide the lovesick lamprey

Love is in the water, and the lamprey swears she’s found her match. She swims the corner ready to score. That’s when they spring the trap. 

Scientists out of Michigan State University are using chemical trickery to seduce and capture female sea lampreys, a devastatingly invasive species found in the Great Lakes. A single lamprey can eat up to 40 pounds of fish, and they’re to blame for the extinction of at least three whitefish species.  The voracious predators have proven difficult and expensive to control, costing the U.S. and Canadian governments $10 to $15 million a year.

But males it turns out, release an irresistible chemical into the water attracting females from more than a hundred meters away, and this mojo might just be the key to the lamprey’s undoing.  Weiming Li, a professor of fisheries and wildlife at MSU, and his team spent years isolating and synthesizing a fake version of sea lamprey love potion. Now they’ve landed on a treatment that is as effective as the lamprey’s own and when used in small doses could effectively treat sea lamprey infested waters. 

“The commission considers regulating spawning and migrating behavior with pheromones the most promising control method for implementation,” Li said in a press release. “So we’re excited about the possibilities.”

You can learn more about this promising new treatment method in the latest version of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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